Active Wear

Choice of clothing is vital for the performance in sports activities. In order to maximize the performance in both indoor and outdoor environments, SLN added performance enhancing capabilities with advanced technology to the products such as water repellent, wicking finish, anti-odour, keep cool, etc.

In addition, SLN introduces alternatives such as; lock stitch, bonding, holding tape, and decorative tape to provide comfort and enhance product endurance.

Fast Sportswear

Fast sports clothing production concept is designed to help customers to program their sales strategies actively by following the latest trends.

By this approach, it is possible to work with customers in partnership and accelerate product development and manufacturing processes through close communication and prompt solutions.

In this system, partners are able to follow market movements and demands more closely and release the right product to the market at the right time.

Motorsports Products

For motorsports teams, SLN is preparing products that they need for high performance and endurance. Long years of gained experience has provided SLN, a comprehensive analysis of the entire production processes pertaining to needs and expectations of the teams and SLN has been able to develop special work flows and control systems for these product groups. SLN uses high quality materials in these product groups such as Polyamide/Elastane, Polyester/Elastane, Dri Release, Nilit Breeze, Pima Cotton, Cotton/Elastane, etc.

In addition, SLN is honored to be able to contribute to championship celebration of teams with special products promptly provided thanks to SLN’s quick productions.

Winter Sports

Winter sport clothes follow fashion trends. To keep you warm and elegant when you are working outside, SLN is producing base layer, leggings, polar fleece, sweats and pants.

In order to provide comfort and increase product endurance in this group SLN uses materials such as; Wool/Silk, Wool/Dri Release, Cotton/Polyester and Cotton/Acrylic.

Casual Wear

Fashionable sports clothing products that combine daily life’s comfort with fashion trends. You can be quite elegant while doing sports and you can do sports with your casual clothes.

In this group SLN maintains high quality standards and uses Cotton, Polyester, Lyocell, Viscose, Modal and their unique combinations.

Team Sport

For football clubs and their fans SLN offers high quality products suitable for high performance. SLN analysis the football teams needs and meet the expectations of them. To keep high performance level consistently SLN is following special quality guides for every phase of the production. SLN uses high quality polyester, polyamide, cotton and their unique combination.

Moreover, football club’s fans are also provided with high quality polyester and cotton products under this group.